Generator Accessories

Generator Battery Charger

A Battery Charger from Mike Capital can be used to ensure your Diesel generator’s battery is ready to provide the essential startup power needed to get your primary power solution ready to go. Our Diesel Generator Battery Charger’s available for sale are provided by the esteemed and trusted UK brand Deep-Sea Electronics.

A Diesel generator Battery Charger can provide power to your Diesel generator’s battery directly from the grid. This is important as your battery is used to power the startup process of your Diesel generator. Deep Sea Electronics selection of Compact Battery Chargers cover a variety of voltages and amperages to ensure your Diesel generator’s

Automatic Transfer Switches

At Mike Capital we understand your need for high quality power panels and transfer switches. Whether the Automatic Transfer Switch is for your house, warehouse, hospital, Data center, Factory or workplace, we have the solution.
In this category you will see an example of what Automatic Transfer Switches we have available, ranging from 60A to 2500A. Our Automatic Transfer Switches are ideal to work with a wide range of Diesel generator brands such as The UAE’s Famous NOOR, FG Wilson, CAT, and Cummins (CPG).
Our transfer panels are not only ideal for applications throughout Ethiopia but are also ideal for export clients around neighboring countries too. Our experts at Mike Capital guarantee that we are the number one place for manual change over switches, automatic changeover switches, manual transfer switch generators, ATS and generator switchgears.
Mike Capital can offer you a complete switch gear solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries!

Generator Control Modules

A Control Module is the interface used to control the running of your Diesel Generator with incredible accuracy. We sell a variety of Control Modules here at Mike Capital, alongside Control Modules designed to interface with mains to control mains failure. Many Control Modules come with auto-start, load sharing or other valuable features you may require for your power solution. Many of our Control Modules available here at Mike Capital are supplied by the world-famous UK Brand Deep Sea Electronics, also known as DSE. Deep Sea Electronics are well known for their excellent quality Control Modules and offer a wide range on our site, which you can find below.